Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summer Noir

The final chapbook of our 2016/2017 season is from last year’s open reading “winner,” Jessie Janeshek.  Supernoir, as the title suggests, touches on classic film noir and presents a perhaps dark take on the “coming-of-age” tale of adolescent girls and their sometimes seedy Summer fun.  Beyond the yearning and growing up too fast is a more modern fear and vague danger.  The poems are full of surprising turns of phrase and juxtaposes language in a way that plays into the lurid themes.

From “Care for Others”:

“My mother knocks and I lock my bedroom
the twang between my legs is good or it’s god
and she whispers   the blonde girl’s   roots will be showing once school starts.”

Supernoir is available now.  Grab a copy and stretch the Summer out a little longer.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

These Strange Times


The next entry in the 2016/2017 Season is Hitchhiking Through the Apocalypse by Howie Good. 

Surely the poems in this chapbook were written before the presidential election last Fall (considering the election took place during the two-week submission period).  But I remember reflecting on that while reading these poems for the first time . . . as well as, not to get too political, but also the Hellscape in which we might find ourselves now.  It seems so familiar . . . for better or worse.  The world of Howie’s poems is at once tragic and humorous and surreal, wrapped in a dissection of consumerism, pop culture, and the very fabric of our society.  Dystopia has never been so fun!

from “The Hotel of Forgotten Artists”

“There’s no one at the reception desk to welcome you. There never is. Only you don’t realize that. How could you? And so you wait. You wait and wait, and while you wait, your clothes, your manner, your worldview go out of fashion. Only you don’t realize that either.”

Hitchhiking joins the other great chapbooks from the 2016/2017 Season.  Get it, or CATCH THEM ALL!

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We’re hip-deep in the dog days of Summer when we’d traditionally been inactive but, right now, we’re very active.  Just quietly.  And, now, we’re sneaking up to tell you our next chapbook is coming out . . . in a week.  Hitchhiking Through the Apocalypse by Howie Good is the next entry in our 2016/2017 Chapbook Season.  This one quickly follow’s last month’s chapbook from Kolleen Carney and an onslaught of orders that coincided with its release.  Similarly, Howie’s chapbook will be followed very quickly by a chapbook from Jessie Janeshek (late August). 

Looking further ahead, we’ve recently added an off-cycle chapbook from E. Kristin Anderson.  That one will come out in the Fall . . . likely around the time of this year’s open reading period (November).  Beyond that . . . planning for AWP Tampa (yes, we’ll be there).  More details on that as they develop.  In the meantime . . . keep an eye out for our upcoming chapbooks!


The second chapbook of our 2016/2017 season is Your Hand Has Fixed the Firmament by Kolleen Carney. We were attracted to this collection because it’s personal and accessible, but it’s not overly earnest or “heartfelt.” It has weight. Kolleen’s verse—full of Southern California touchstones—plays on the oft-explored tropes of “relationship” poetry and takes them in different directions. Her poetry is full of emotional trapdoors, and you can explore them. 

From “You Said the Fire Was Closer Than You Thought”:

“Seeds had been waiting for years
for their moment
fire opened life
the promise of new growth
in fifty years that hill will be lush again
it just takes a long time
did you know that”

Available now under Titles page!


The 2016/2017 chapbook season continues!

After kicking things off last month with Jennifer Martelli’s After Bird, we’re getting ready for our next release . . . Your Hand Has Fixed the Firmament by Kolleen Carney.  The “plan” for the season was a chapbook every six weeks or so.  The appearance of After Bird in mid-April suggested the next release around the beginning of June.  However, as we will be on vacation around that time, we’re going to target Your Hand for mid-June. 

Following that, to keep the schedule from slipping too far past the Summer (when, historically, we avoided publishing anything), we’ll have a chapbook by Howie Good in late July and then Jessie Janeshek by late August/early September.


We’re finally kicking off the 2016/2017 season with the winning chapbook, Jennifer Martelli’s After Bird.  This collection really drew us in, how the narrative of growing up in the Sixties becomes entwined with the fate of Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed to death outside her apartment in Queens in 1964.  There were dozens of witnesses who heard the struggle and did nothing to help. 

There are personal vignettes of a young girl’s relationship with her mother mixed with poems about Ms. Genovese.  Sometimes the sense of danger in one timeline blends with the other.  The young girl imagines being a woman.  Images are shared and the poems seem to inform one another.  Everyone has a lesson to learn.

From “Magical Thinking in the Time of Lyndon Johnson”

“Don’t walk in spike heels in the Village: the ankle bones will hit high notes.

Don’t dye your black hair that color red: you’ll bleed soon.

Don’t wash your white blouse with bleach: it will yellow, grow curled fingernails.”

We’re really excited to start off with this great chapbook.  You can order a copy now from the Titles page . . . you won’t be sorry.